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Bodyguards GL890 Blue Nitrile

The GL890 Blue Nitrile™ is a powder free non-sterile nitrile examination glove that has an AQL rating of 1.5 and is compliant to European Standard EN374 and Medical Standard EN455 Class I.

The high quality nitrile synthetic rubber that is used to manufacture the GL890 contains none of the proteins that are present in natural rubber eliminating protein sensitisation,and is powder free reducing the risk of product contamination.

With textured fingertips for improved grip, it is extremely soft and pliable yet still maintains a tensile strength that is comparable to natural rubber. It also has a beaded cuff providing additional strength and prevention of liquid roll back.

Typically Used for:

  • Pharmaceutical Duties
  • Electronics
  • Inspection
  • Local Authority Work
  • Hospital & Clinical Duties

Features & Benefits

The GL890 Blue Nitrile glove provides a range of features and benefits to the wearer, which not only make it safe for sensitive skin but also suitable for a variety of tasks.

The key features of this disposable examination glove include:


Made from synthetic rubber, which is tougher than natural rubber or vinyl. The material protects the hands from punctures or tears from abrasive objects. The added feature of a rolled cuff provides additional strength and prevents liquid roll back.


The soft, pliable synthetic rubber is flexible to wear, making it easier to handle smaller objects.


The material feels soft and cool to wear, providing comfort when wearing the gloves for longer periods.


Textured fingertips offer improved grip during tasks that require precision.


The GL890 Blue Nitrile contains no latex proteins, which eliminates protein sensitisation, making it suitable for wearers with sensitive skin. It is also powder free, reducing the risk of product contamination.

Box Quantity100 Gloves per Box
Case Quantity10 Boxes per Case

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