Trax Adhesive Weights

We have 3 ranges of Wheel Weights - these all come in either Silver or Black.

Trax Professional

A high instant stick and premium bonding adhesive. A popular weight, widely used by tyre shop and garage customers who want the best adhesive weight sticking solution. Available in 12x5g or 4 x5g/10g pieces. Specifically developed for high performance, the Trax Pro adhesive weights are also recommended for fitting to NEW or REFURBISHED alloy wheels where low surface energy (non-stick) paints and lacquers can cause weights to fall off. The adhesive can be fitted at low temperatures down to MINUS 10°C – typical “blue liner” adhesive weights for OE and aftermarkets are not recommended to be fitted below 16°C. At lower temperatures the “blue liner”
adhesive becomes hard and may not stick causing the weights to fall off. 

Trax Premium

Our biggest selling range - TRAX branded. Superior adhesive tape, corrosion protection & appearance than budget line adhesive weights. High quality TRAX packaging comes as standard.

Trax Budget

A budget line weight. Plain white box. Brown oversized paper liner.

Trax Adhesive Weights