Trax Wheel Balance Weights

We supply a range of weights to suit all wheels and tyres. When wheels rotate they can often hop or wobble due to the asymmetries of mass. As well as causing ride disturbances, this can cause your steering wheel and/or entire vehicle to wobble. The suspension is also affected and speed increases, making your vehicle unsafe to drive.

Wheel weights help to keep both your tyre and wheel balanced. They’re designed to last the life of the tyre, but sometimes need to be replaced during repairs. Two wheel weights are needed to effectively keep your tyres balanced – our weights come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your vehicle.

Wheel/Tyre Weights

Our Trax zinc wheel balance weights are designed to fit a wide range of steel wheels and ensure maximum retention. Zinc is a popular choice for many weight manufacturers because of its excellent corrosion resistance. Steel is also widely used as it can be easily recycled.

Traditionally many wheel weights were created from lead due to its low cost, ease of use and high density. However, due to environmental health reasons lead has become banned in many jurisdictions and steel and zinc are now the most popular options.

Alloy Wheel Weights

Our alloy wheel weights have been approved by top brands such as Volvo and Renault. These universal weights are designed to fit alloy wheels on nearly all European cars. Our alloy weights are also lead free.

Self Adhesive Weights

Self adhesive wheel weights are ideal for motorcycle tyres as they are a convenient and secure way of keeping your tyres balanced. The stick-on style weight is incredibly easy to fit and designed to last the lifetime of your tyre.

Both wheels and tyres should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure the weight is working efficiently and keeping your vehicle safe and smooth to drive.

Trax Wheel Balance Weights