Tyre Mounting Pastes & Liquids

Our collection of pastes and lubricants help you mount and demount tyres easily and safely.We also have a great range of rim seals that create an airtight covering along the tyre.

We’ve even got specially made brushes to make applying these products really simple. If you’re in the automotive or tyre industry, stock up on these essential products today.

Rim Seals

Having a reliable rim sealant is really important as it lets you create an airtight seal to connect the rim with the tyre. This helps prevent punctures, damage and makes the tyre more secure and your car safer to drive.

We offer two great rim seals at fantastic prices. Both work on alloys and corroded steel rims and are sold in 5kg tubs. The orange version offers higher visibility than the black sealant, which can be a real bonus when working in a busy tyre shop.

Tyre Brushes

Mounting pastes and rim sealants aren’t much use if you can’t apply them to your tyre. That’s why we also sell some great brushes.

As well as traditional sealant and lubricant brushes, we sell bent head models. These are designed to make using the paste easy and help improve your workshop efficiency.

All of our brushes are made from high-quality materials and are available at affordable prices.

Earth mover Mounting Compound

Mounting Compound is what you need for those hard to mount tires when the distance between the rim and the tire bead is significant.
 Can be diluted to serve as a mounting lubricant.

Tyre Mounting Pastes & Liquids