Tyre Machine Spares

We have a vast range of additional protective and replacement parts to aid all sorts of tyre fitting work. Whether you’re working on your own vehicle, are a self employed automotive professional or part of a larger garage or tyre shop, we’ll have the parts you need to ensure you can work with maximum efficiency.

Tyre Changer Parts

Whether you use automated machines or hand operated tools, changing, fitting or repairing tyres is robust work. It requires a mix of physical exertion and durable equipment. However, the nature of this work means that a degree of wear is inevitable on even the most resilient apparatus. Replacing your tyre changing equipment can often be a costly activity; fortunately we sell individual parts for various models and makes of tyre tools at a fraction of the price of replacing the whole machine.

Our range of tyre changing machine parts includes plastic and metal de-mount heads, pins for head inserts, head and shoe inserts, jaw covers and much more. As experts in the automotive field, we know which brands are most popular and which parts of various machines are most prone to breakdown and our spare part range reflects this. We provide fittings for all the biggest tyre changing equipment manufacturers, including brands like Corghi, Teco, Hoffmann Megaplan and Sice.

Protective Parts

We also sell several additional protective parts which help ensure you don’t damage the vulcanised rubber or adjoining rim whilst changing or repairing a tyre. Our plastic covers for tyre irons or levers and moulded rim protectors with connecting cords are really simple and cost effective ways of preventing scratches occurring on the alloy rim as you pry the tyre away. These are really important tools for organisations that want to deliver a flawless, high quality and competent service to their clients: a damaged rim creates the impression of lazy or careless workmanship.

Order from our Full Range

What you see below is just a small selection of our more popular spare parts and protective products. We have many more spares that fit various models and manufacturers in our warehouse, so if you can’t see the item or brand you’re after, please get in touch with our helpful team.

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Tyre Machine Spares