Tyre Tools

We are your one-stop shop for garage equipment. Whatever the task at hand, we have everything you need to get the job done efficiently and to an excellent standard. Take a look at our automotive tools, including carbide cutters, hub cap removers, balance weight pliers and much more.

Balance Weight Pliers

Tyre weights are extremely useful for any automotive professional, helping you achieve an even distribution of mass when working on a tyre. Failure to correctly spread weight can lead to problems with a vehicle’s suspension and affect its steering. Our pliers let you fit or remove these clip-on weights with ease, and can also be used for cutting. They work well with a variety of metals and have PVC dipped handles to make them easier to grip.

Carbide Cutters, Needle Tools and Tyre Probes

Every garage needs good carbide cutters, needle tools and tyre probes for intricate jobs. We offer durable cutters in four sizes, ranging from 3mm-10mm. We also have various needle tyre products, including a Sealastic butterfly model and Permacure Earthmover tools with comfortable hand grips. Our pointed tyre probes are perfect for getting rid of nails or stones from tyres and also help you locate punctures quickly, for fuss-free repairs. These are essential tyre repair tools that no autoshop should be without.

Tyre Puncture Tools

Mending punctures has never been easier thanks to our tyre puncture tools. Clean the tyre you’re working on before adding vulcanising fluid with our rubber tyre scraper. Our stitch roller has a 38mm diameters and a 3mm width – perfect for all sorts of repairs. Our tyre valve knife lets you remove the base of rubber valves and repair plug stems with ease. The blade is made from top-quality stainless steel, while the handle gives you precise control. Can’t find the tyre product you’re looking for? Give our expert team a call on 01903 248838 today.

It’s important to keep your vehicle’s tyres in top condition to ensure road safety for you, your family and other roads users.

Being able to repair tyres straight away is paramount. If you work in the automotive industry, you need the best tyre repair tools so your customers know they’re in safe hands.

Luckily, we have all the tyre repair tools you’ll need for fixing punctures, providing work station stability and prepping the tyres for the application of bead sealer.

Browse our range and if you need further information about any of our products, contact our helpful team today.

Wire Brushes

We offer two types of brushes for tyre repairs. Our rotary wire brush is designed to remove rust and corrosion on rims before bead sealer is applied. This eliminates air leaks between the tyre bead and the wheel. This quality rotary wire brush is made by Schrader, one of the most reliable manufacturers in the automotive industry.

Our spid steel shoe handle brushes are used for removing rust and corrosion from steel and alloy rims by hand. Their shoe handle shape makes them easy to use and the spid steel is coarse and long-lasting.

Buffing Discs, Grit Flap Wheels, Spherical Rasps

We also provide high-quality buffing discs, grit flap wheels and spherical ‘golf ball’ rasps. These items are perfect for removing ribs from tyres, making them an ideal part of the repair process.

Tyre Tools