Tyre Repair Chemicals

Having the right tyre repair chemicals is essential if you work in a garage, tyre shop or any other role in the automotive industry.

Our chemical tyre products offer easy solutions to all sorts of repair problems and they’re available at amazing prices.

Tyre Bead Sealers

Our sealants are designed to stop bead leaks from occurring. They create an airtight seal between the tyre bead and the wheel, protecting against slow air leaks and potentially hazardous under-inflation.

Our bead sealers come in one-litre cans. The thick Young Automotive sealant is a quick and cost-effective option. Our Tech bead sealer is great for preventing recurring pressure loss.

Tyre Leak Detection Fluid

Driving on a flat tyre is dangerous and can damage your rims, so leaks need fixing fast. Repairing the leak is one thing, but finding them in the first place is another.

Locating a leak usually involves removing the tyre and dunking it into solution. Our tyre leak detection fluids let you find the leak while the tyre’s still on the vehicle, which is a real time-saver.

Our detection fluids let you locate even the tiniest leaks and mark them up for repair with ease.

Tyre Buffing Solutions

Our pre-buff solutions help you remove all contaminates from a tyre prior to buffing. These cleaning products are specially designed to prepare rubber for further repair work.

We offer top-quality chemical buffing solutions in one-litre and five-litre cans. We even have handy aerosol sprays. This easy-to-use option is not only extremely effective, but is environmentally friendly too.

Penetrating Oils, Dusting Chalk and Wheel Degreaser

Our tyre repair chemicals make all sorts of automotive tasks easier. Penetrating fluids are high-quality lubricants that help remove rusted mechanical parts. Dusting chalk reduces stress to the tyre tubing and stops the tyre sticking when you’re removing it. Our wheel degreasers are a safe and effective way to remove dirt and grime from tyres.

If you need more information about any of these great products get in touch with our team. 

Tyre Repair Chemicals