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If you deal with wheels and tyres on a daily basis, you need to be able to remove and lock tyre nuts with ease. Our fantastic range of wheel nut sockets lets you do just that.

We have inch and half-inch drive sockets of various thicknesses, styles and colours. Click on our products to take a closer look.

Inch Drive Sockets

Whatever lug nut you’re dealing with we have the right size inch deep drive socket for you. Our top-quality impact drives range from 17mm to 41mm in width, and are made from extremely durable materials to withstand the wear and tear of busy workshops.

We also sell a square crane drive socket locking nut from Kato with a 21mm width.

Half Inch Drive Sockets

We sell half inch drive sockets individually and in larger packs.

Our sets are ideal for use in professional tyre shops or other automotive workplaces, as they give you a range of width options. This lets you remove or tighten wheel nuts of various sizes from all sorts of vehicles.

These sets include a seven piece 1/2" square drive pack, which is ideal for locking nuts when the key is missing, and a multicoloured three piece socket set. Both come in professional cases with individual labelled moulds for easy identification.

Our standard single half inch sockets range from 17mm to 27mm in width. We also sell special red, blue and yellow options of particular sizes, to make finding the right one easy, even in a cluttered workshop.

These wheel nut sockets are the perfect way to securely tighten or loosen tyres, and are essential maintenance tools for both amateur car enthusiasts and automotive professionals.

Sockets Extension Bars Adaptors