Tyre Valve Extensions Car, Vans, Lorries & Buses

Our tyre valve extensions come in various shapes, sizes and materials. Whether you’re working on a car, motorbike or truck tyre, we have the perfect product for checking the air pressure. 

Our metal extensions are extremely durable. Made from sturdy brass, they can deal with the wear and tear of a busy workshop. The straight line products are between 40mm and 142mm long. We also offer extensions at 90 and 45 degree angles, for improved accessibility. 

Our plastic valve extensions are a cost-effective option. Available at 61mm, 102mm, 111mm, 150mm and 170mm, these lightweight extensions are manufactured by Schrader as we have found copies are just not up to the job.

For the ultimate in ease-of-use, go for one of our flexible valve extensions. Ideal for use with twin wheel vehicles, lorries or buses, they make checking tyre pressure almost effortless - again, these come in various lengths. 

We also sell double and single brackets, which hold flexible extensions in place when in use. These clamp to the rim and keep the extension secure. 

Tyre Valve Extensions Car, Vans, Lorries & Buses