Tyre Repair Patches

Tyre Repair Patches

Every garage and tyre shop needs to be able to repair punctures safely and efficiently. That’s where our great range of puncture repair patches comes in. 

We offer patches to suit all sorts of tyres, including crossply and radial models. These come in varying sizes and quantities, and we also sell a powerful adhesive that helps keep them in place. 

Our heavy-duty vulcanising fluid from Tech gives excellent results every time, and can be used on hot or cold tyres. 

We also sell highly effective repair plugs. 

Universal Tyre Patches

Tyres today have complex designs consisting of around 40% natural and 60% synthetic rubber. Tyres on most vehicles tend to be radial, crossply or bias in design. Our puncture repair patches work with all types of tyres. 

Our universal patches are perfect for making small repairs to tyres. For a more durable solution, we offer patches specifically designed for use with crossply or radial tyres. 

Tyre Tube Patches

We sell patches for inner tyre tubes in both circular and oval shapes. These high-quality patches are aluminium foil on one side and expand equally in all directions when the tube is inflated, so the puncture stays sealed. This guarantees great performance. 

Combi Repair Plugs

Nail hole repair is rapidly gaining in popularity as a method for dealing with punctures. This works with the stem of the plug filling the hole and the cap reinforcing the inner liner. The advantage of plugging a damaged tyre is that it’s fast and easy. 

We sell everything you need to plug a puncture on a car or truck tyre, including pin and combi plugs, and carbide cutters of various sizes. 

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Tyre Repair Patches